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Does Oak harbor Have Engough water at a -2.4' tide?

YES! The Oak Harbor Marina and entrance channel has plenty of water to navigate and at guest moorage during a minus tide. Some rumors have misled the public in thinking that it is no longer viable for boats with large drafts. Truth is that it is fully navagitable and local boats, with 6' or more draft, come and go as they please.

According to the marina Harbormaster, Chris Sublet, there is and always been enough water to operate the marina at low tides. "In January 2023, the marina was surveyed as part of the start of a new dredge project.  The guest slips, that will host visiting racers, is currently a -10 through -12.  This means that at the -2 tide at the shallowest slip will have 8’ of water in it."

Sunday's July 30 tide prediction will have a minus 2.4' tide at 9:30am, then rising quickly to a max tide of 11.13' around 5:34pm. Racers will have near neutral or positive tides heading to and from the racecourse. See NOAA Tide Predictions

Satellite Image of the entrance channel

2023 Dredge Survey.png
Chart 1.JPG
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